Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why Parents Choose Elkader Childcare

I love bringing my child to ECCLC because he loves to go there! It is so nice to have a place that my child enjoys. He looks forward to going to day care and every night has lots of stories to tell me about his day. As a parent it is so nice to have a place to take my child and once I drop him off I don't have to worry about him at all. I know he will be well taken care of at the ECCLC. -Kimberly Heller 3/2/13

I can't say enough good things about the center. My kids have learned so much. Very understanding of my schedule and I trust Hanah and Ashlyn are in the best hands. Hannah and Ashlyn look forward to coming there.-Dee Koehn 3/26/13

I like ECCLC because of the safety, quality, and insurance that my child will be okay. I picked them because they are organized. My daughter love the staff and also the food.-Jamie Goodrich 7/20/13

In the 4 years that our children have been attending the ECCLC there has not been one day that they have ever complained about having to go. Our girls actually look forward to going to the day care to see and play with their fiends. The staffs interaction with our children has always been appreciated by Lance and I.
A few of the many positives of the center I would like to point out are: obviously the interaction of the children with staff, the opportunity of the different activities they get to do indoors and outdoors all year round, and the hours are never inconvenient and you know the only reason your child can't attend is because they are sick(not somebody else), last but not least our girls get to see and play with children of different ages who are all their "friends".- Kristy Amsden 3/24/13

The staff at ECCLC provides an educational, loving, and supportive environment for my children. They love this center so much that they cry when it isn't a school day :)
I was apprehensive of a day care center at first after leaving in-home day care, but its been a great transistion for our family.-Jill Stannard 4/10/13

Jonah loves going to day care. Its good for him to have different staff. It improves his social interactions. ECCLC is very flexible and they are always willing to adapt to my somewhat crazy schedule. Jonah learned his colors and shapes way before he was 3. The staff always makes me feel like Jonah is special and important. They have excellent communication and welcome any input that I have, We work together to help Jonah to become more independent and to improve in areas needed.- Amanda Engelhardt 7/26/13

My girls love going to ECCLC! As soon as I walk in, they run to the staff for hugs! I love the flexibility of the center and that they don't close on snow days or early outs. It's nice to have the preschool and daycare in one building so I don't have to coordinate transportation. I think my girls are learning so much and are definitely going to be prepared for kindergarten.-Kelsey Mueller 3/21/14

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